Best Advice to Buyer

My best advice would be to get pre-approved by a mortgage lender. By using a local lender or a national lender with a local presence, a buyer can learn of different programs such as bond money or a mortgage tax credit. A pre-approval letter can show that a buyer is able to complete a sale when writing an offer on a property.

Best Advice to Seller

To a seller I would say that a loan commitment letter from the "end" lender, the lender that is actually making the loan, is invaluable. Also, having a property in "ready to show" condition before putting a sign up greatly helps in a potential buyer's first impression.

Customer Recommended Inspection Services
Cornerstone Home Inspections, Inc. 405.447.4500
Oklahoma Inspection Service 405.366.8889
Premier Home Inspections 405.360.5858
Vaughn Real Estate Inspection Co. 405.359.6605
Utility Services
Oklahoma Electric Co-op 405.321.2024
Oklahoma Gas and Electric 405.272.1010
Oklahoma Natural Gas Co. 405.551.4000
City of Norman 405.366.5320
Southwestern Bell Telephone 800.424.7928